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The Role of Care Givers

*Caring without ulterior motives.
*Help patients to have faith and hope in God.
*Please remember,“You are the bridge, not the savior”

The Qualities of Care Givers

*Spiritually strong and matured.
*Always pray and rely on God.
*Able to understand yourself, your own emotions,
working style, strength and weaknesses, mode
and capability of coping with stress and grief.
*Willing to care for others with warm, sincerity,
humbleness, sympathy and stable emotion.
*Be open-minded, responsible to the service and
respect personal privacy.



How to Show Care for Cancer Patients?

*Understand patient’s situation and needs bodily, emotionally and spiritually.
*Recognize the difficulties that he/she is facing no matter physically, emotionally or
spiritually without judgment or criticism. Support and express care with sympathy.
*Assure the efforts that he/she has made, e.g. “The side effects of treatment are really
hard to bear, but you are still trying very hard. I am really proud of you!”
*Visit persistently, regularly and consistently. Visiting time should not be too long.
Make use of phone calls, VCD etc. to express your care sometimes.

*Conversation and listening:
# Prepare your heart. Relax and walk with God.
# Seek patient’s willingness to talk before conversation.
# Focus on listening and encourage him/her to talk. Do not be hurry to respond or interrupt.
Understand first and then respond.
# Clarify your understanding towards the patients. Encourage him/her to express his/her
feelings and help him/her to find the reasonable and possible way-out.
# Other communications: Apart from conversations, pay attention to the expressions in
his/her eyes, facial expressions and other body languages.

*Suggest providing practical assistance, e.g. accompanying him/her to see doctors, taking care
of his/her children, cooking, washing, cleaning and doing other household chores etc.
*Always pray for the patients, yourself and your team. Experience God’s presence and work
with Him.
*Spiritual care and support:
# Do not “hard sell” the Gospel and ignore his/her spiritual need.
# On the basis of a close relationship with trust, seize an appropriate opportunity,
and respond according to his/her spiritual situation at that moment.
# Be prepared to respond gently when he/she talks about life, belief,
love and death etc.
# Make use of your testimony to meet his/her spiritual situation, share
suitable topics at that particular moment.
# Work with God. We are the care givers and He is the healer.




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